3 Reasons to Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

No matter how old we get, where we may be in the world, or what we end up doing in life, most of us have one little desire in mind that will remain the same: We all want to have whiter teeth. 

While we can think that having nicer clothes, achieving greatness, or having more money will make us feel confident, nothing can outweigh the impact that having whiter teeth brings. However, the problem with this is that teeth—although naturally white—are prone to staining and yellowing over time, depending on one’s lifestyle.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about what you can do to bring confidence back to your smile and bring out the whiteness that you see in the smiles of movie stars and models. In fact, you’ve probably tried a handful of products but haven’t been able to find the right product after dozens of “whitening” toothpaste and blue light treatments. 

However, with all the trial and error that you’ve carried out to finally achieve the whiter smile, there’s one option that you probably haven’t considered yet: Professional teeth whitening treatments. 

Why you should consider having your teeth whitened by a professional

As foreign as the idea may seem at first, going to a professional who can help you attain your dreams of whiter teeth is one of the best investments you can make. Thanks to the advancements in dental care technology and the continuous improvements that professionals have made for their techniques, getting near-permanent white teeth for a lifetime is no longer a dream but a reality! 

To best understand why this investment is worth it, let’s go over three different reasons for you to consider: 

Reason #1: The results are lasting

Unlike whitening products that only manage to help you get whiter teeth temporarily and leave you back at square one with yellowed chompers, professional treatments are far more lasting. 

When you enlist the services of a professional to whiten your teeth, you’re essentially getting someone who’s well-equipped enough to provide you with all the means for lasting results. For example, Ivy Rose DDS’ cosmetic dentistry experts are equipped with the tools, training, compounds, and strategies to ensure that your teeth stay whiter for far longer! 

Reason #2: Safer experiences are guaranteed

Although most teeth whitening products seem harmless because you can find them in your local supermarkets or drug stores, it’s worth noting that these products can be packed with harmful chemicals. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about tainting your teeth and turning them into worse versions of themselves with ingredients that aren’t approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) when you work with a professional! 

Reason #3: Long-term guidance

Paying for a professional like Ivy Rose DDS services is more than just having someone get to work on your teeth and calling a day until the next session because it also includes guidance. In fact, one of the main reasons professional whitening lasts for longer is that it comes with additional advice from experts so that you can maximize the time between your sessions! 


When it comes to making your teeth as white as snow without any unwanted concerns or worries, no treatment options are going to be more effective than a professional whitening treatment. By keeping the reasons mentioned above in mind, you’ll have the necessary motivation to ensure that you have all the means to seek a safer solution for a more confident smile! 

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