Dental Bridges

Dental BridgesBridges are one of the most common solutions in restorative dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth. Our patients that receive bridges are often amazed at the look and feel of their smile after the procedure.  At Ivy Rose Family Dentistry, we are very meticulous at blending bridges for aesthetic appeal and fitting them correctly for optimal function.  A full dental exam is required before recommending bridges because there may be alternative ways to approach a missing tooth. Call our office in Mansfield, Texas to schedule a dental exam.

The Procedure

If a bridge is an option for you, we will prepare the teeth located in front and behind the missing tooth for crowns to support the bridge.  We call these the anchor or abutment teeth. The missing tooth is called the pontic in a bridge. The pontic tooth adheres to the anchor teeth to fill the missing space.

There are several advantages to replacing missing teeth. Some include:

  • Functioning – Every tooth in your mouth is designed for a particular function. If an area has missing teeth, that area will not function properly. The other teeth will then assume the added work load and that places undo pressure on them making them weak and eventually requiring their removal as well. Many times, you will see the teeth next to a missing tooth have gum tissue pull away or recede. This is a sign of undo stress. To reiterate, this may cause the need for additional treatment on the anchor tooth or even extraction in extreme cases.
  • Appearance – The appearance of your teeth suffer when one or more is missing. Often times, we have patients that say they will not smile because of the space that shows when smiling. The solution is simple if you are a candidate for a bridge. State-of-the-art techniques and materials enable us to provide a solution with a very natural look. In addition, we provide custom matching in our offices.
  • Migration – If you have a missing tooth, the teeth that are surrounding the vacant spot in your mouth, including the teeth above it, below it or adjacent to it, will start migrating to fill that space. These unnatural movements can lead to other issues and possibly even tooth loss.

Bridges can be made of many materials but most commonly are made of porcelain and are extremely durable. To learn more about bridges, contact Ivy Rose Family Dentistry. Our team will help you determine the best approach to your dental situation.