Intraoral Photos

Intraoral photos are essential to dentistry as a diagnostic tool in conjuction with x-rays. There is an expression that a picture is worth a thousand words and this could not be more evident than with the intraoral camera. They obtain clear, accurate images of patient’s teeth so patients and insurance companies can see pathology for themselves.  In the past, providers used lights and mirrors to help patients see what they were seeing but it was difficult for patients to see beyond the front of their teeth. It was impossible to show patient’s detailed images of their own teeth so they too could be involved in part of their treatment planning process. Thanks to intraoral photos, patients now have a much clearer, more detailed picture of their dental health. An added benefit is that the cameras have also led to less denial of insurance claims since the insurance company can also have a clearer picture of why a procedure was performed. We are proud to utilize intraoral cameras at both Ivy Rose Family Dentistry location in Mansfield, Texas.

Top-Notch Technology

During an examination, we use intraoral cameras to get the best, most detailed view possible.  While you are sitting in the exam chair, our team can place the small camera (which resembles a wand) into your mouth. The wand is the size of a pen, and the camera is located on the tip of the device. This tool is covered with a plastic sheath, which is disposable to prevent contamination.

This wand will digitally record inside your mouth and transmit the images to a computing unit. The full-color images are sent to a TV screen for our team and you to view together. Intraoral cameras enable you to see what we see and help make the best decision for your oral health.

Intraoral photos help us to identify potentially serious problems that may have otherwise remained unnoticed. By catching them quickly, we can offer less invasive solutions in regards to your treatment options. These images are particularly useful in diagnosing the earliest stages of cavities, fractures, enamel loss, and other conditions before pain or major damage occurs.

Using the camera to see inside your mouth also provides us a summary of your oral hygiene. We use this information to help you identify blind spots in your brush and flossing.  Many of our patients have been able to prevent larger dental problems once we showed them problem areas.  Our dentists and hygienists use a variety of advanced dental technology to help you have the healthiest smile possible.