Dental DenturesWe understand that getting dentures can be a life-changing event.  Dentures can be a cost-effective solution for patients that are considering removing all of their teeth due to bone loss, severe enamel wear, or other concerns. When dentures are specifically designed to the patient’s oral health needs and lifestyle, their quality of life can increase.   Consequently, our team at Ivy Rose Family Dentistry takes considerable measures to create dentures that you will be proud to use by using a local lab that uses the best materials. When you visit our office in Mansfield, Texas, you can count on receiving the best dentures.

Never Put Off Dentures

When there is a need for dentures, we always encourage patients to begin the process a quickly as possible.  The advantages of having dentures are well-documented and they help to stave off other oral health & medical problems.  Some of the prominent benefits of dentures include:

  • Improvement of the appearance of one’s smile by supporting lips, cheeks, and other facial tissues thus preventing the “caved-in” or “sunken-jaw” look
  • Improvement of the appearance of one’s smile by having aligned teeth with a light color. We give patients over 20 colors to choose from and help guide your decision.
  • Removing infected teeth and bacteria thus affecting your overall health. This is especially important with those with wound healing concerns such as diabetes.
  • Can be placed immediately on the day of surgery so you never go without teeth. In these cases, a new denture will be made within 6 months of the immediate denture.

If you are considering dentures, give us a visit.  We can walk you through the process, answer any questions you have and inform you of your best options. We will never pressure you to get dentures, so please feel free to talk openly about your concerns.

Denture Experience in Action

Our team boasts extensive training in the many different options of dentures that are available. Technology has come a long way with dentures and many options with or without implants are available. During the exam, we identify all possible solutions and present you with the best options.  Once a treatment is chosen, we take meticulous care to get dentures fitted just right. After the procedure, we schedule checkups that address any problems you may be facing.  We want every patient to have the most comfortable and functional dentures possible.