4 Attractive Alternatives to Dental Implants

By the time you hit 50-years-old, you’re likely to be missing at least 12 of your permanent teeth. The reason why we seem to lose teeth so fast is because of our modern-day diet, injuries, diseases, and decay.

Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, there are solutions. Plenty of patients are opting for dental implants, but they aren’t an option for everyone.

Are you looking to perfect your smile without breaking your budget? Read on to discover four alternatives to dental implants.

1. Partial Denture

Experts say 90% of patients with complete tooth loss opt for dentures. If you’re only missing a few teeth, then partial dentures may be an option for you.

It’s also a great option for people who are missing teeth that are next to each other. Without supporting teeth, bridges and other alternatives may not be an option.

Partial dentures are removable. They’re made up of replacement teeth and a gum-covered base. Your dentist will create these partials to fill in any missing gaps in your tooth structure.

The partial will attach to your mouth on your supporting teeth. Sometimes, you’ll need a crown put on the supporting teeth to ensure the dentures will attach.

Partial dentures are less expensive than implants, but they’re also not permanent. They may need adjustments over time.

2. Tooth-Supported Bridge

Dental bridges are another great alternative to implants. Tooth-supported bridges are the most preferable bridge option. They’re made up of a false tooth and two caps for the supporting teeth.

First, your supporting teeth get shaven down. Your dentist will then prepare the bridge. It will get placed over your supporting teeth and fit into your mouth as if they were natural.

This type of bridge isn’t temporary, and you can’t remove it.

Depending on your budget, you could get a bridge made of metal, ceramic, or both.

3. Resin-Bonded Bridge

Resin-bonded bridges are much like tooth-supported bridges. The biggest difference is that the false tooth gets attached with resin. Instead of shaping adjacent teeth, resin gets placed behind the teeth to hold the false tooth in.

This type of procedure is the least invasive. It also doesn’t compromise any of your natural teeth. It can also get reversed with ease if you change your mind later.

4. Temporary Denture “Flipper”

Flipper dentures are a lot like partial dentures. While similar, flippers are the least expensive option. They’re a removable metal retainer that attaches to a false tooth.

Often, dentists recommend flippers for temporary use. If you’re a good candidate, then you may be able to use them for the long-term. Speak with your dentist if you’re considering using a flipper denture for the long haul.

Alternatives to Dental Implants That Will Make You Smile

Each of these alternatives to dental implants can help change your life. With a full set of teeth, you’ll be able to eat, smile, and socialize without worry. Don’t wait to act. Take care of your health by making a change now.

Are you ready to take action and feel confident in your smile again? At Ivy Rose Family Dentistry, we’re ready to help fulfill your dental needs. Schedule an appointment now with your concerns, and we’ll help give you a reason to smile again.