Arlington & Mansfield Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can include anything from a tooth being knocked out, forcibly moved out of its normal position, loosened or even fractured. These emergencies can also include cuts on your gums, cheek or lips. Injuries such as these can be painful, and they must be treated by a dentist as quickly as possible.  Our dental team has assisted residents throughout Arlington, Mansfield and surrounding community with dental emergencies for several years.  We count it as a privilege to be of service in times of need.

Act Quickly

In the event your tooth is broken or knocked out, immediately call your dentist and get an emergency appointment made.

Getting to either of our locations within quickly may spell the difference between you saving or losing your tooth. If your tooth is replanted soon after being forcibly removed, the chances of the tooth surviving the trauma increases.

Handle Your Tooth Properly

If your tooth has been removed, then handle it by the crown, not the root, which is the part that sits below the gum. The reason you shouldn’t touch the root is that you may damage cells in your tooth which are essential to reattaching it successfully. It is also vital that your tooth not dry out. Rinse the tooth with cold water to remove dirt and place it in a container that you’re sure is clean. Cover your tooth with milk and then take it to the dentist to start the replanting.

Replanting The Tooth

To save the tooth, you have to replant it immediately. Don’t hesitate as every minute counts for this procedure to be successful. As mentioned before, contact your dentist immediately and schedule an emergency appointment.

Other Injuries

If you experienced other injuries in the mouth, such as a puncture wound, tear, laceration on the cheek, lips or tongue, then you should clean the wound with warm water. If your tongue is bleeding, you can reduce it by pulling your tongue forward and using gauze to apply pressure to the open wound.  After you’ve cleaned and taken care of the injury, head to a hospital emergency room.

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