Brightening Your Smile With Dental Crowns: What You Need to Know

Having confidence in your smile is essential to building your self-esteem. When you’re proud of your smile, you’ll feel more inclined to speak, grin, and show your joy by indulging in belly laughs. However, if you feel conscious about the appearance of your teeth, causing you to hide them with a closed-lip smile or cover your mouth when you laugh, you’ll end up bottling these joyous emotions that make life worth living.

Fortunately, you can resolve this by considering dental crowns, which are great for addressing several issues that often cause people to hide their teeth. Here’s what you need to know about dental crowns and how they can restore your smile:

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are a dental prosthetic that protects your tooth. As implied by the name, it is a tooth-shaped material that a dentist will put over your tooth. It is strong, durable, and protective, which will shield a weak tooth from further damage, like cracks. For this reason, dental crowns are great for protecting teeth that have been severely damaged, whether through significant decay or undergoing a root canal. They can restore dental function to the tooth while keeping it as healthy as possible.

Our natural teeth are essential for maintaining peak oral health, so it is crucial to protect and preserve as many teeth as possible. That’s why dental crowns are excellent at improving one’s smile: they offer another line of defense to teeth, preventing damage.

All About Ceramic Dental Crowns

Ceramic crowns are becoming the most popular dental crown due to their incredible capabilities. They’re visually appealing and remarkably sturdy. Since ceramic is naturally strong, it allows dentists to make crowns incredibly thin without sacrificing durability and strength. This feature also falls in favor of the patient, as dentists must take a small amount of the natural tooth before fitting the crown onto it. The thinner the prosthetic, the less the dentist will take from the natural tooth. Additionally, all-ceramic crowns do not interfere with dental technologies, making them safe to use.

In fact, patients usually prefer all-ceramic crowns because they closely resemble natural teeth, blending seamlessly with their pearly whites. They offer the same transparency, color, and strength as natural teeth, meaning no one will have ever guessed that one is wearing dental crowns. It also doesn’t lead to unattractive gray lines that usually occur with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

How Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile

If you have chipped teeth that you’re afraid to show when you smile, dental crowns can resolve this for you. Dentists frequently apply dental crowns onto weakened, damaged teeth to reinforce them. They’re also popularly used for restoring smiles, helping patients feel more confident about their smiles.

Even misshapen and discolored teeth can be fixed with a dental crown, as it preserves what’s left of the healthy tooth while lending a more attractive appearance that would make you proud to show it off. Dental crowns can even help close tooth gaps by using them to support a bridge.


Dental crowns can quickly transform a smile by protecting damaged or discolored teeth. By visiting a cosmetic dentist near you, you can have your teeth restored through dental crowns, and you’ll no longer have to hide your smile again.

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