Common Dental Myths Exposed

One facet of Ivy Rose Family Dentistry that we hold dear is educating our patients.  We continually inform each patient about the specifics of their treatment plans and post-care after procedures like teeth whitening, Invisalign, and oral surgeries.  In speaking with our patients, we’ve found that there are dental myths that involve at home hygiene that individuals assume are true.  Read below to see if you have fallen for common dental myths.

Brushing Immediately After Meals

Almost everyone has heard the ADA’s (American Dental Association) continual recommendation to brush at least twice a day.  But when a vital question arises: When should you brush?  There is a lot of lead way, but one time that you should not brush is immediately after meals.  Why?  Bacteria in your mouth produce acids that weaken the protective layer around your teeth called enamel.  If you brush your teeth right after eating, you can literally brush the acid into the enamel—effectively removing it.

A Better Option: To prevent bad breath or plaque buildup after a meal use one or more of the following steps.

  • Drinking plenty of water. You can even rinse your mouth out with water which may remove food particles.
  • Make use of sugarless gum. This increases saliva which is the mouth’s natural defense mechanism against bacteria colonies.
  • Brush an hour after meals. Give your mouth time to restore its pH balance.

Water Rinsing Immediately After Brushing

The majority of toothpaste introduce fluoride to teeth because it is a protective agent.  However, the recommended two minutes of brushing does not really give fluoride enough time to coat your teeth.  If water mouth washing is performed immediately after brushing, much of the fluoride is rinsed away.

A Better Option:  Wait a few minutes (about 5-10) before rinsing your mouth out with water if you feel the need to.  Studies have shown that just a little wait time can significantly decrease chances of cavities.

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