Crowns and Implants: Which One is the Right Choice?

If you are dealing with decay or trauma in your teeth, chances are you will need to have them removed and replaced. When it comes to replacing, however, you are generally given two choices: implants or crowns. Although the dentist will generally be the one to decide which procedure works in your best interest, understanding either of the choices can ease your concerns. If the dentist left the choice to you, then you might have an easier time making it.

With no further ado, here is what you need to know about crowns and implants:


Crowns are less invasive than implants because it does not replace the root of the tooth. Instead, it replaces the crown of the tooth, which is the top that is visible in your mouth. Because of this, crowns are also commonly referred to as caps and are generally fixed in place by grinding down the real teeth into a stump onto which the dentist can fix a cap.

The most significant advantage that crowns have to offer is that they can support decayed or damaged teeth, and they can act as protection after a root canal procedure. Unfortunately, there are downsides to crowns. There is a possibility of micro gaps being left between the crown and the real tooth. Bacteria can grow in these gaps, leading to further decay if not treated properly. Also, the cement used to stick the grown onto the root can deteriorate over time until the crown pops off.


On the other hand, implants work much like real teeth. It replaces the entire tooth rather than just the top of it. It is fixed in place with an artificial root, staying in your mouth like the surrounding teeth. As you can see, it is much more invasive than crowns. 

The biggest advantage of implants is that they remove any possibility of decay that crowns may still be at risk of. This is because the entire tooth is replaced, meaning no micro gaps to deal with. Implants will also not impact its surrounding teeth, and there is much less risk of infection despite its invasive nature.

Which one should you go for?

Which one you choose will likely rely on the dentist’s recommendation, but another factor you have to take into account is your finances. Implants are much more expensive than crowns, and although they are the better solution, the cost might be a little too much. As such, if you have the money, go for implants. Otherwise, crowns should do fine. 


All in all, both crowns and implants work well not only to fight off decay and infection but to restore your looks. Both procedures go about it differently, and there are many factors to consider when deciding which one to choose.

As such, it is always smart to consult your dentist about the matter. Ask them which solution is best for you, and heed their advice if they were to give you recommendations. If you are unsure, you can always get another opinion. The more you learn about which one is better for you, the likelier you will choose the right solution to address your dental needs.

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