Debunking 7 Common Myths About Dental Sealants – Our Guide

The rate of tooth decay is indeed declining, especially with increased education on this dental issue. Yet, this doesn’t mean that cavities have been wiped off the world completely. In fact, many kids and adults still have to deal with the discomfort and pain that cavities bring. Although modern solutions are widely available today, such as dental sealants, many people have become careful of it because of the many myths surrounding this treatment. 

Indeed, dental sealants are quick, safe, and effective in treating cavities than other treatments, but you must first be well educated against various misconceptions. In this article, we will share seven common myths about dental sealants and the truth behind them: 

Myth #1: It’s A New Treatment

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about dental sealants, which is why when they hear the treatment, they’re quick to think that it’s new. Under this notion, these people will be skeptical about the treatment and would opt for a different one to deal with their cavities. The truth is that sealants have been around for many years. It was in the 1960s when dentists started applying them to treat cavities. 

Myth #2: They Leak

Sealants do not leak, as long as proper technique is practiced. Moreover, the dentist will make sure that there are no voids. Although sealants do not leak, they still need regular touch-ups. This is because the sealants are usually placed on the most hardworking teeth that go through lots of wear and tear that will require maintenance over time. 

Myth #3: They’re Only For Kids

Many people think that only children suffer from cavities, which makes them think that dental sealants are only to be used for kids. As mentioned, this dental condition can happen to anyone, and everybody can benefit from it, even babies and adults!

Myth #4: They Hurt

Patients with dental phobia often think that dental sealants hurt. But this is quite the opposite. Dental sealants are actually painless, meaning that you won’t feel anything when your dentist performs the treatment on your teeth. Additionally, it’s a very quick procedure. 

Myth #5: They’re Expensive

Dental sealants are often misinterpreted as expensive treatment. This is essentially why many people who have cavities skip the treatment option even without asking their dentist. As mentioned, dental sealants are affordable. It’s a cost-effective way to prevent decay and save money and time in the long run!

Myth #6: The Treated Teeth Will Decay 

Since sealants are applied to the tooth’s void, some people think that although this can “fill the void,” it will not prevent the entire tooth from decay. When applied properly, sealants will prevent decay from happening because it seals up the tooth, effectively preventing any bacteria from entering the grooves of the tooth.

Myth #7: They Don’t Last

Another common myth about dental sealants is that they won’t last for a long time. For some, they think that this is only a short-term dental solution. Rest assured that dental sealants can last up to five to ten years. However, they will need maintenance to keep them in place, especially the ones that are on the molars. 


It’s easy to get bogged down by these myths when it comes to dental sealants, but the facts speak for themselves. If you have cavities or you’re on the fence whether to get a dental sealant or not, know that it’s one of the best dental treatments that are safe, quick, and effective today. From the truths that have been disclosed above, you now know that you don’t have to suffer the discomforts of cavities and have a life free of pain!

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