Debunking Dental Myths: Discover 4 Truths About Dentures

Many people’s experiences with dentures come from meeting someone’s grandparents or elderly individuals with an incomplete smile. Although dentures are more common among senior individuals, that doesn’t mean your dentists can’t prescribe them to you if you need them. Unfortunately, people avoid going to the dentist due to fearing the treatment they’ll need and how it will affect their lives.

The truth about living with dentures

Getting dentures is the prescribed solution that dentists will give their patients if they have lost some or all of their natural teeth. It’s more than just a cosmetic treatment and more of a practical solution to preserve a person’s oral health. If your dentist requires you to have dentures, you’ll need to overcome a few hurdles in getting used to wearing them. Although it may be uncomfortable and disconcerting at first, be assured that you’re making the right decision for your oral health.

In this article, we’ll share four truths about dentures to reassure your thoughts on getting the right treatment.

1. People won’t notice that you have dentures

Unless you remove them, of course, modern dentures have moved away from their metallic versions. Resin-based dentures can bring back your old smile without standing out from the rest of your remaining teeth like a sore thumb. Besides repairing your smile, dentures can also improve your face’s profile, providing support to your facial structure.

2. Your eating habits won’t change with dentures

Many people compare dentures with braces in that they both lead to increased difficulty in eating certain food. Thankfully, dentures won’t force you to adjust your diet. Your dentist won’t restrict you from eating particular food items. However, it’s best to stay away from acidic and staining foods like wine, coffee, curry, and more.

Difficulty chewing or speaking with your dentures in the first few weeks is normal. However, they shouldn’t come loose or cause jaw pains. This is a sign of ill-fitting dentures. A perfect fit should become comfortable to wear and remove after a week or so, which is why it’s crucial to get a pair carefully created and fitted by a professional.

3. Dentures demand the same oral treatment as normal teeth

Like regular teeth, dentures can chip, break, and even smell bad if you don’t maintain them properly. Although dentures are more durable than regular teeth, you don’t have the connected pain receptors of natural teeth to feel anything from stuck fibers or food. You must be diligent in brushing your dentures and removing any plaque. Remember to soak your dentures overnight to ensure that they’re clean and ready to use the next day.

4. Dentures won’t last forever

No matter how well-made our dentures are, they’ll eventually give in to wear and tear. Because of this, it’s essential to maintain proper preventative dental care habits. Doing so will prolong your denture’s lifespan until the time you have to get a replacement from your dentist. You may require several visits to your dentist for the first few weeks to allow your dentist to note the condition of your gums, oral tissue, and gums. Your dentures may also need a few tweaks during this time.


Like any dental treatment, getting used to your dentures will take time. Nevertheless, having them as soon as possible is necessary to avoid further deterioration of your oral health. It’s best to get your dentures from a reliable dental clinic that specializes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Doing so ensures that the dentures you receive will be comfortable to your jaws for long-term use.

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