Dental Implants in Arlington and Mansfield, Texas

There are many causes for tooth loss.  Some of the more common reasons are tooth decay, gum disease, and accidental trauma.  A dental implant is one of the best solutions to replace one or more missing teeth.  Dental implants are a permanent solution and they mimic the functioning of natural teeth as closely as possible. At Ivy Rose Family Dentistry, we have the finest technology and use the high-quality materials for dental implants.  Additionally, our team’s expertise regarding the use of dental implants is exceptional.

What Should You Expect?

After the normal preparation processes, our team will numb the site of the implant. The next step is to integrate the root of the implant in the cavity of the tooth.  We use implants that have a titanium base since they offer the best strength.  Once the base is set, it is time for the abutment and crown to be fixed. These three parts combined together form one dental implant.

Dental implants remain in a fixed position and thus are not removable. All our dental implants are meticulously set to produce the most natural fit possible.  With dental implants you can chew, eat and smile with confidence and comfort.

Advantages Over Dentures

Dentures are prone to fitting issues and they can also lead to bone loss.  On the other hand, dental implants face no such drawbacks because they fuse into the jaw bone.  Dental implants are also useful during maxillofacial surgical processes since they can help in replacing some of the severely damaged bones.  With the help of dental implants, you can once again have your perfect smile back.

The Beauty of Implants

When comparing implants to other dental treatments, implants typically win out in terms of functionality.  However, the same is true regarding the appearance of implants.  There is no treatment available that mimics the look, feel, and durability of natural tooth-like dental implants.

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