Difference Between Private & Chain Dentistry Practices

Ivy Rose Family Dentistry is a proud private dental practice shared between Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamun.  We have handpicked a team of dental assistants, hygienists, and office managers to create a practice that is patient-focused and quality driven.  Sometimes we are asked about the differences between private dental offices and chain dental practices.  This article will provide the main differences although other differential items have not been included such as practice feel and experience.

No Private Investors

The largest difference between corporate practices and private offices are private investors. Most corporate practices have private investors that expect to have a certain return on their investment. This can create a conflict of interest when dentists are focused on insuring a return vs focusing on the best interest for the patient.  Employees and dentists can be pressured to suggest treatments that are not necessary.  Chain dental practices have to meet certain goals to stay profitable for their investors, turning over a high rate of patients every week is essential to corporate practices.  This can result in long waits, aggressive, unnecessary dental care, and rushed, subpar dental treatment and materials.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Usually in corporate offices, a patient will see a different dentist almost every visit or periodically due to a high turnover in staff including dentists.  While corporate offices tell you that this ensures a quality product, this is rarely the case. Actually, it is usually the opposite. A private practice dentist wants to provide a quality product due to the relationship they have built with patients. Chain practices focus entirely on the bottom line due to the aforementioned investors.  Therefore, your crowns may be made abroad in countries where safety standards are not as strict or use subpar materials or both. Private practices tend to focus on quality materials provided to the patient and focus on giving the patients a quality experience. At IvyRose Family Dentistry, we use local labs that will even come out to the office for a perfect match of crowns or veneers.

Concierge Dentistry

Private practices by the nature of their setup are designed to center on a fuller patient experience.  Dentists at private practices take their time during a consultation to really understand a patient’s wants and needs and to discuss options. Additionally, patients do not feel like they are cattle being herded.  We also value our patient’s time and therefore, wait times are typically non-existent.

We’d be glad to show you what it is like to visit a private dental practice.  Our patients agree that private practice is the way to go if you are seeking a dental experience that puts you first.

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