Dirty Truth About Online Dental Advice

The surge for online health advice is continually growing as adults look for alternative sources of “quick” information.  Are you among millions of Americans that searches for the lastest information about a health problem you are facing?  There are certainly benefits in doing so!  However, there are some substantial pitfalls too.  At Ivy Rose Family Dentisitry, we welcome informed patients.  In fact, we actively share our knowledge concerning:

  • The types of procedures available for their dental situation
  • Which technologies we are opting to use and why
  • How to maintain oral health

Too Much Information

When you perform a simple search about gum irritation, you will get hundreds of pages of results.   You can certainly scale down this information by only sticking to refutable source, but even then you will still need to cover a ton of research.  The topic of gum irritation can range from a need to floss to gum cancer. The time required to investigate and isolate the cause of your condition could be extensive.  This is a primary reason why it may be the a better option to call a dentist and schedule an appointment.

Another issue that many confront is the allure of homeopathic or natural oral health remedies.  While some of these are beneficial, many others are simply an advertisement for a product.  Often sites boasting these types of oral treatments use false testimonials, stock images of before and after images, and a lot of written content to give their product substance.  What is usually lacking though is verifiable tests by health professionals.

Being informed is always the best option when it concerns your health, including your oral wellness.  Our dental staff lead by Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamon welcome any questions that you may have about your dental health.  Don’t guess on a diagnosis, call Ivy Rose Family Dental or schedule an appointment today.  Call us today at (682) 518-5655.