How to Know Whether or Not You Actually Need a Night Guard

Over the course of a regular working day, a typical dentist’s office will have several patients who come in with various complaints of symptoms they developed but are unable to explain. They get headaches, feel soreness in their jaw, and end up waking up inexplicably in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, they are unable to figure out exactly what the problem’s source is.

A good number of the people who see their family dentist about these issues actually have healthy gums and teeth that are not in need of any treatment. How, then, can the problem be determined in the end?

Dental Issues While You Sleep

A lot of people end up grinding and/or clenching their teeth while they are asleep. While it is a nightly occurrence for most, there are still some who end up doing it only during times of intense stress. Put simply, it is how the mind is able to cope with situations that are stressful while the rest of the body, while asleep, is fully at rest. 

While there are folks who do not show any symptoms, others actually get very uncomfortable. There are yet other people who develop broken or cracked teeth because of all the grinding and/or clenching.

Grinding and/or clenching of teeth that generally becomes pretty forceful is considered bruxism. Your teeth are flattened by the very action of grinding, because your lower and upper teeth will go to and fro with a lot of force. It’s one of the major causes of problems in people’s teeth that when left untreated, can lead to bigger problems such as broken teeth, fractured fillings, headaches, jaw pain, and tooth pain. 

There are patients who say that they see signs of wear on their back or front teeth, though the cause isn’t always clear to them. However, they are well-aware that something is evidently wrong.

Dental Guard

For the most part, because it usually happens while they’re asleep, a good number of people are entirely not aware that they’ve done it at all. However, when grinding or clenching comes up, a lot of people end up catching themselves doing it even while they’re awake in the daytime. 

Since there’s a general lack of awareness from people when they actually do it, coupled with the idea of wearing a night guard being one that’s largely repulsive, a lot of people wonder if they even need a night guard to begin with. It’s actually quite crucial, especially if your dentist recommends it already. When the dental guard is worn as it should be, broken teeth, fractures, tooth wear, and other symptoms will reduce considerably.


There are a number of benefits to wearing a night guard, but the most important one is that it reduces the symptoms and instances of broken teeth, fractures, and the like. While sleeping with an appliance in one’s mouth can take some getting used to, the advantages far outweigh the slight inconvenience. In the end, prevention through wearing a night guard is definitely better than having to undergo procedures like a root canal to cure your teeth!

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