Ivy Rose Dentistry’s Teeth Brushing Best Practices

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the admonitions about the importance of brushing your teeth from several sources.  But have you been given advice about how to brush your teeth?  While brushing your teeth regularly is good, brushing them properly is even better.   The following tips are courtesy of our team at Ivy Rose Dentistry.  If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment with us, feel free to do so online or call us at either of our offices.

Why The Right Angle Matters

Contrary to common belief, the bristles of your toothbrush should not rest flat against your teeth when you brush.  Instead, your toothbrush should be angled at approximately 45 degrees towards your gumline.  This allows the bristles to reach plaque building up underneath your gum line.  Removing films of plaque from below the gum line is vital to maintaining and improving your oral health.

Keep Going in Circles

Do you brush your teeth in an up and down motion?  If so, you may want to try a circular motion instead.  Small circular brushing is more effective in loosening plaque and sweeping it away from your gum line and teeth.  This motion is also more efficient in capturing any substances that may be between teeth.  This is the main reason why dentists use spin brushes when performing professional in-office cleanings.

Brush Everything

Your teeth have several surfaces and little nooks that can go unnoticed.  So it is important to brush all reachable parts of your teeth.  Yet, don’t stop there!  Take a little time to brush the insides of your cheeks and your tongue in a gentle fashion.  This helps to remove vestiges of bacteria that can make their way back to your teeth.  As a rule of thumb, brushing your teeth should take at least 2 minutes.

Visit Us At Ivy Rose

An extension of your regular brushing, flossing and mouth washing regimen should be visiting your dentists for checkups.  Bi-annual dental exams are helping in verifying the effectiveness of your oral hygiene, staving off minor dental problems before they grow, and performing deep professional cleanings.  Are you ready for your next appointment?  Reach out to us at the office nearest you.

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