IvyRose Transforms Smiles With iTero

In pursuit of exceptional dentistry, we continually look for ways to improve our dental methods.  Doing so requires the use of cutting-edge technologies.  Hence, IvyRose Family Dentistry is excited about updating our digital impressions via an iTero Element Intraoral Scanner.  Combing this technology with our dental knowledge base enables us to offer several benefits to our patients which we will discuss below.

Transparent Dentistry

It is one thing to have an explanation given to you about what we plan to do during your dental procedure.  It is quite another to see what your dentist sees during the process.  The iTero Scanner allows every patient to have a 3D view of their teeth.  As you view the scanner’s screen, Dr. Rosa Beck or Dr. Christine Lamun will explain what you are seeing.

Ease of Scanning

In times past, dentist took x-rays with film that needed to be developed in a dark room.  This process took time, required lead covering for protection against radiation, and the image was often hazy.  Currently, most dentists use digital x-ray technology which allows for a quick 2D look at teeth.  Our team now utilizes digital x-rays and iTero’s 3D scanning since it much more comfortable for the patient.  During the scanning process, you would simply open your mouth and allow the dentist to wave the iTero scanner over your teeth.

The iTero also eliminates any need to take physical dental impressions.  Typically, dental impressions are required for crowns, implants, dentures, bridges, custom mouth guards, teeth whitening trays, and other oral appliances.

Improved Dental Planning & Outcomes

Our iTero scanner captures 2D and 3D images simultaneously in color.  This gives us a clear picture of your teeth which is significantly helpful when determining your treatment plan.  All data is saved instantaneously and archived to your patient file effectively eliminating any possibility of human filing errors.  The iTero scan also allows us to compare recession and enamel loss over the years and to quantify that comparison.

Ivy Rose Family Dentistry is a practice built on the principle of uncompromising patient care.  Schedule an appointment or call the nearest location to you.

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