Looking For A Dental Office Near You?

It’s one thing to ask Google to “find a dental office near me” and quite another to find an excellent dentist.  After you have found dental offices near your location how should you decide which dentist to use?  Here’s a little inside information from a couple of practicing dentists (Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamun) in the Arlington, Mansfield and Dallas area!

Why A Dentist’s Experience Matters

Dentistry is an ever-advancing industry that requires continual learning to stay abreast of innovative technologies, dental methods, public health concerns and less diagnosed conditions.  So before just going with the first few listings of dentists that popped-up in the dentist near me search, take a further step and consider the dentist’s experience and activity.

How your dentist approaches continual education affects what they can offer you.  Both Dr. Beck and Dr. Lamun of Ivy Rose Family Dentistry both actively engage in continuing dental education ranging from topics such as orthodontics, implants and ceramic crowns. These are all topics that are constantly changing in dentistry.

Why Staff Matters?

Even the best of dentists can’t run a successful practice without a great support staff.  Most dental offices need front desk members, dental assistants, hygienists, and office managers.  How well this team is coordinated and educated will have a significant effect on your dental experience.

Currently, our dental staff has a combined 131 years of experience!  In categories, their experience is as such:

  • Managerial team: 39 years
  • Hygienist staff: 68 years
  • Dental Assistants: 24 years

We even have a dedicated insurance specialist to assist with insurance needs. Ivy Rose Family Dentistry has two convenient dental offices near you in Arlington and Mansfield.  If you would like to request an appointment click here or call us at (682) 518-5655.