Maximizing Your 2017 Dental Benefits

There is one-quarter left in the year.  Have you made the most of your dental insurance yet?  If not, you could be wasting money.  Most dental insurance plans operate on a calendar year.  If you do not use it before the December 31st, you will lose what you have paid Forever.  No one likes to lose money.  Here are three tips from IvyRose Family Dentistry that we share with our patients at both locations in Mansfield and Arlington, Texas.

Understand What Your Yearly Maximum Can Do For You

When you initially signed and paid for your dental plan, there was most likely a stipulation of a maximum amount of covered service for the year.  By checking the amount of your maximum and comparing it to what you have used, you can identify dental work that may be viable before the year ends.  You would be amazed by how many insurance payers have high amounts of dental insurance maximums that have not been reached and many who have never used their benefits.  A great percentage of these patients could use this toward dental treatments including cleanings but insurance companies will never bring this to your attention.

Do Not Repay Your Deductible

Typical dental insurance maximums range between $750 to $2000.  However, before you can access this coverage, many insurances require that you satisfy their plans’ deductible.  For those patients that have paid the deductible but have not used their maximum benefits, be aware that once the end of the year occurs, you will be required to repay off the deductible for 2018 before you have access to the insurance maximum again.

Fully Benefit From Your Dental Premiums

Sometimes patients with overall good dental health fail to recognize the need for continual preventative dentistry.  Using the last quarter to get checkups, dental sealants, teeth whitening, is a great idea.  If a major treatment arises, you could save money by using the remainder of your 2017 maximum then using your 2018 maximum to cover some of the costs as well.

Health Savings Plans or Flexible Spending Accounts

Understand your health savings or flexible spending accounts as well. Many plans have stipulations that will require you to use your funds or lose your savings. Most dental procedures can be used with these plans, with the exception of cosmetic dentistry, making them underutilized in our experience.

Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamun and the financial teams at our Mansfield and Arlington dental offices can help you if you have questions about maximizing your dental insurance.  Call IvyRose Family Dentistry at (682) 518-5655.