Professional Fluoride Dental Treatments

In both of our dental offices in Arlington and Mansfield, IvyRose Family Dentistry uses fluoride to strengthen patient’s teeth.  However, in our information age, some have inquiries about fluoride.  Two common questions are:

  • Why would I need a fluoride treatment if it is in my toothpaste?
  • How does fluoride work to strengthen teeth?

To cover the basics, fluoride is a naturally occurring element.  It is abundantly found in air, food, and soil.  Flouride is even added to drinking water to stave off the prevalence of tooth decay.  Let’s see why fluoride is great for your teeth.

Why Fluoride Works

Fluoride is easily absorbed by the first protective layer of your teeth—called enamel.  This absorption process re-mineralizes teeth effectively, working against natural demineralization occurring due to age, hygiene, and diet.  There is an overwhelming amount of research that provides tested evidence of the effectiveness of fluoride.  Fluoride can also reverse damage in enamel before it is able to form a dental cavity.  Therefore, you can prevent and reverse the carious process. When caries are into enamel only and the patient has a low caries risk, we will recommend a fluoride toothpaste with extra fluoride to help with this remineralization process.

IvyRose Fluoride Treatment Options

A typical misconception is that only our children patients are eligible for fluoride. The reality is that all patients, including adults, can benefit from fluoride treatments. In adults, it helps to keep margins of fillings and crowns protected. Additionally, it protects areas of gingival recession.

We use a fluoride varnish that is taste and odor-free so that it is easy to apply.  The application takes only a few moments to administer. We also recommend toothpastes with prescription strength fluoride that are not available over the counter. After a caries risk assessment, we will determine which method is appropriate for the patient. In certain cases, we will recommend specialized trays for home fluoride treatments.

Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamun of IvyRose Family Dentistry lead a well-trained team that has additional knowledge of caries risk assessment.  We provide several fluoride dental treatment options to accommodate different levels of risk.  Do you need an appointment?  Call Ivy Rose Family Dental at (682) 518-5655 or request an appointment.