Are You At Risk For Gum Disease?

Believe it or not—gum disease is among one of the most common diseases on Earth.  Billions (yes, billions) of people suffer from the effects of gum disease every year.  One of the reasons gum disease is so prevalent is due to its subtlety.  During its initial stages, the condition rarely causes noticeable symptoms.  Hence, you may want to check the healthiness of your gums so you can avoid this very prevalent malady.  IvyRose Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental exams which can identify the beginnings of gum disease before it becomes problematic.  In cases where gum disease is apparent, our team has multiple treatments and strategies to prevent further damage.  Contact us today to find out more information and to schedule an appointment with us.

Understanding Gum Disease

There are two prominent stages of gum disease.  The first is known as gingivitis.  Gingivitis is a condition where the gums have become inflamed due to excessive bacterial growth.  Sometimes the gums may bleed during flossing and brushing.  Gums that bleed unexpectedly or from brushing, may indicate that gum disease is in progression to its second stage.

If gingivitis is not treated, it will progress to become periodontitis.  Periodontitis effects the structural support of your teeth.  As gum disease sets in, bacteria begins to destroy gum tissue and bone.  Symptoms associated with periodontitis include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Receding gum lines

Gum disease will affect your overall health.  The loss of teeth makes eating less comfortable and can reduce speech clarity.  Patients with gum disease often deal with embarrassment in social settings and tend to have less self-confidence.  Furthermore, oral bacterial infections can spread throughout the body.

Treating gum disease before it reaches advanced stages is the best course of action.  However, even if it has advanced, putting off professional dental treatment will only compromise your whole health.  IvyRose Family Dentistry would be happy to help, if you are facing the effects of gum disease.  Our dental team offers professional, compassionate care.  Call us today to begin your dental examination.

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