Root Canal Post-treatment Care: Recover from the Procedure

A root canal treatment saves a badly infected, fractured, or decaying tooth and prevents further damage. During the procedure, the decaying pulp is removed, and the infected tooth is deep cleaned. Mild pain, inflammation, and sensitivity can be experienced during and after the treatment. 

The recovery period is crucial. Here are some after-care tips to speed up the recovery process and get back to your routine as soon as possible:

1. Avoid Strenuous Activities

Regular exercise is important, but so is recovery. For this reason, don’t rush to exercise right after the procedure. Give your body time to recover and avoid strenuous activities that can increase the risk of bleeding and painful toothaches for the first few days. 

Once you’re ready to get back to working out, perform exercises that don’t put unnecessary strain on the body. Instead of lifting weights, start slow. Opt for walking since this is the ideal recovery exercise. 

2. Mind Your Diet

Avoid putting any excessive pressure on the affected area by minimizing chewing on the tooth being treated after a root canal treatment. To do this, pay attention to what you eat and drink. Do not consume sticky, hard, and crunch foods while your tooth is healing.

3. Take Pain Medications

To manage discomfort and reduce pain intensity after the procedure, take over-the-counter painkillers or stronger medications, depending on the dentist’s prescription. Experiencing pain and swelling is expected once the sedative wears off. Reduce them by compressing the affected area with an ice pack for 10-15 minutes for the first few days.

4. Elevate Your Head

Another way to reduce swelling and pain around the mouth is to keep your head elevated. As much as possible, avoid lying down. When sleeping, use an extra pillow to elevate your head and give it extra support. 

5. Gargle with Warm Saltwater

After the treatment, the gum surrounding the treatment area becomes infected. Reduce the pain and swelling and ward off infection by regularly gargling with warm saltwater. 

6. Practice a Good Oral Care Routine

Infection and other complications can occur after the procedure, which is why oral health is crucial more than ever after during the recovery period. Because of this, take extra care of your oral health by sticking to a good oral care routine. Brush your teeth gently and floss regularly. Do these with caution to avoid putting excessive pressure on the affected area.

7. Call Your Dentist 

Just like with any dental procedure, complications may occur after a root canal treatment. For instance, failing to follow proper aftercare procedures can lead to infections or even tooth cracking. If you deal with any of these issues or experience swelling, severe pain, fever, excessive bleeding, or other unusual symptoms, contact your dentist or head to a dental office immediately.


A root canal treatment is nothing to be scared of. While it sounds intimidating and scary, this procedure is relatively painless, leading only to mild pain and discomfort. After a week or two at most, your mouth and gums will feel normal again, as long as you take care of yourself and follow proper aftercare instructions. 

If you are looking for a root canal dentist who can speed up your recovery process, reach out to Ivy Rose Family Dentistry. We will walk you through the entire procedure to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. Contact us to request an appointment!