Signs That It’s Time for You to Get Your Dentures Fixed

Dentures can feel uneasy for many people, especially when they don’t fit well. There are several reasons why dentures don’t fit properly. The problem can be caused by the denture itself or an underlying health condition, such as an infection.

It is important for dentures to fit a natural gum line. If a denture is loose or too big, your mouth will have difficulty re-creating your natural bite, leading to discomfort and misalignment of teeth. Fortunately, this problem can be solved easily.

It’s vital to know the indications that it’s time for a denture fix. Here are some signs to watch out for.

1. Your Dentures Tend to Slip

Dentures may slip out of place when the surrounding gum tissues do not properly hold them in place. A denture may also slip out of the mouth after chewing, which can be inconvenient and embarrassing. If your dentures are slipping, you may have to tighten the clasps or have them relined.

2. Your Denture Move and Feel Sore

It is not uncommon to feel a sore and tender feeling on the corners of your mouth where your dentures rub. That is especially true when you are adjusting to a new set of dentures. However, if time passes and your dentures still feel sore or move around, it is time to visit your dentist. 

If your dentures are moving out of place, your face muscles will start to feel sore. Your jaws are likely at a constant stress position, which is why you will feel the soreness of your muscles.

3. You Feel Denture Pain

Your dentures may feel tight when you first wear them. In time, your teeth and gums adapt to the dentures, and in most cases, the dentures will start to fit better. However, if your dentures still do not feel right and are causing you pain, this is a problem.

The reasons for this problem go back to wearing the wrong size dentures. If the dentures are too loose or too tight, the muscles in your mouth will be working harder to keep the dentures in place. In turn, it can cause your cheeks, lips, and gums to become sore and tender.

Pain in the mouth is irritating and can also be a sign of a bigger problem. If you experience chronic pain due to your dentures, see your dentist right away.

4. You’re Having a Hard Time Eating

You will have difficulty chewing your food if your dentures don’t fit well. If your dentures are too loose, they can drift around in your mouth while chewing. On the other hand, if your dentures fit too tightly, they may prevent the tongue and cheeks from moving right.

5. Your Dentures Change Your Appearance

If your dentures make you look older, less attractive, or just plain strange, it may be time for a denture fix. Loose dentures can cause your face to sag in the area where your dentures are. They may affect your natural facial features, such as your cheekbones, chin, and even your eyebrows.


A loose denture may cause problems for you. However, these issues can be easily fixed by your dentist. It is essential to avoid ignoring this problem, as doing so will only make things worse in the long run. After knowing the signs with the help of this list, you know when to visit your dentist. Having regular checkups with your dentist can also help you prevent this from happening.

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