Taking Your Child To The Dentist For The First Time

Babies and toddlers experience a number of “firsts” within the beginning years of their lives.  One of those firsts should be a dental check-up.  A common question that is asked (or Google searched) is: “When should I take my child to their first dental visit?”  At IvyRose Family Dentistry, we recommend parents schedule that initial visit either:

  • when the first tooth erupts, or
  • near their 1st birthday

Doing so could help your kids to have the best start of good oral health for several reasons discussed below.  Ivy Rose Family Dentistry features sound pediatric services in a kid friendly environment.  Our entire staff takes the time to make every child’s dental visit fun and positive.

Protecting Baby Teeth and Oral Health

During infant and toddler dental visits, you may or may not notice that the appointment is more than a basic check.  Our dentists go beyond this by observing the development and growth of your child’s jaw and soft palate.  Doing so enables us to track and identify potential issues that could arise in later years.  Additionally, at this phase of life your child’s teeth have less enamel than adult teeth—so they can decay easier.  The dental visit helps inform parents of ways to minimize decay.

Another added benefit to the infant and toddler visits is exposure to the dental office in a non-threatening manner. This prevents the fear of the dentist as the child develops. We have often heard from parents that their child looks forward to coming to the dentist! Dr. Christine Lamun and Dr. Rosa Beck believe it is so important to bring your child in early that they even offer free first exams or what we call “Happy Visits.” Call us today to schedule an appointment at (682) 518-5655.  You can also click here to request an appointment online.