Teeth Whitening Treatment: What to Expect After a Session

Our teeth can become stained and discolored due to various factors, such as smoking, food, medications, and aging. Fortunately, this can be treated by professional teeth whitening. It helps remove the discoloration and stain, thus, giving you a brighter smile. If you’re excited to try teeth whitening, make sure to have it done by an expert.

What can you expect after a teeth whitening session?

Heightened sensitivity

You may feel a heightened sensitivity for 1-2 days after the whitening treatment. This is due to the active ingredient that is used for teeth whitening. This sensitivity is temporary and mild, so you have nothing to worry about.

Certain foods are to be avoided

It would be helpful if you avoid cold and hot food and drinks to manage the sensitivity. In some instances, patients take pain medication, especially if they already have teeth sensitivity issues before the treatment. Avoid eating colorful foods and drinks, too, for they may stain your teeth again. Try not to consume turmeric, colored fruits, red wine, tea, soft drinks, coffee, and sauces. Instead, you can eat pasta, potatoes, rice, and dairy.

Slightly discolored gums

Also, you may notice that your gums appear to be slightly discolored for several hours after the whitening process. This condition will disappear shortly and heals after a day or two.

Further whitening treatments must be delayed or avoided

Teeth whitening is actually safe and does not pose any risks, provided that a certified dentist performs it. Also, you should avoid whitening treatments too often to avoid over-bleaching. It happens when a person uses too much hydrogen peroxide, which may cause the enamel’s outer layers to wear away. As a result, the softer tissues and dentin will be exposed and more vulnerable to disease and injury. Make sure to discuss with your dentist when the best time to have your next teeth is a whitening treatment.

How can you tell that teeth whitening is right for you?

As previously mentioned, teeth whitening can be effective on discolorations and stains due to tobacco, drinks, foods, and medications. If you have deeper stains that might be due to injury or some types of medicines, your dentist will examine them first because they are more difficult to remove. 

In case the teeth whitening treatment is not the best treatment option, other alternative solutions will be considered. Options may include porcelain veneers and dental bonding. Also, if you have already restorations before, such as veneers and crowns, they may not be highly responsive to teeth whitening compared to your natural teeth.


A bright and perfect smile can be yours in just a matter of a few hours by having a professional teeth whitening treatment. It will definitely help to have whiter and healthier teeth. It will also boost your confidence, and you’ll always be ready to flash your pearly whites while communicating with other people. When considering teeth whitening, you should consult a professional dentist to ensure that it will be done safely and correctly.

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