What Is A Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a procedure that relieves patients from aggressive frena attachment. The simple treatment removes the frenum, a muscle fold that connects the cheeks, tongue, and lips to the jawbone.  When an aggressive attachment is present, it can sometimes cause impairments (known as lip or tongue tie).  Individuals dealing with any variety of this condition can opt for a dental frenectomy. Ivy Rose Family Dentistry performs frenectomies in a little as 30 minutes.

Types of Frenectomies

There are two main types of oral frenums.  One is located under the tongue and is known as the lingual frenum. The labial frenum rests under the lower or upper lips. In cases when the labial frenum is connected too close to the teeth, it often results in the spacing between the child’s front teeth. This condition may impact a child’s ability to breastfeed and lead to developmental issues including speech impediments properly.

Tongue ties have always existed, but in recent years the decision to treat the problem has become more common. There are some instances when intensive speech therapy cannot provide optimal results or attain long-term goals regarding speech abilities.

There are several practical approaches to this procedure, and our dentists can map out the ideal one for you. Consequently, most patients will not need any anesthesia, stitches or experience long recovery after this procedure.

Breastfeeding and Tongue Ties

If a newborn has a significant tongue tie, it can have a major impact on the child’s ability to breastfeed. In many instances, it can cause the mother to have to wean the baby from the bottle earlier than planned. This occurs because the baby cannot latch onto the breast at the proper angle when a tongue tie is keeping them from properly breastfeeding. The mother’s nipple can become injured and painful. We perform frenectomies in such a way that infants or children will have minimal discomfort and the procedure can be done without sedation.

After the frenectomy, the infant can properly latch on and breastfeed without hurting the mother. Older children or adults can benefit because it will help them address any speech impediments that they may have been experiencing. Speech therapy is more beneficial when the tongue tie is no longer part of the problem.

Our dentists are highly experienced in this procedure, and we ensure you that the process will be quick and painless.

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