What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening and Oral Health

Seeing discolored teeth in front of a mirror can be worrying, especially if you don’t know what caused it. It may also be the reason why you are suddenly motivated to get teeth whitening services, which can be a good thing if you get the appropriate one. Feel free to use this article as your guide to learning more about the different types of whitening solutions, the reason behind teeth staining, and other related information pertaining to your oral health. 

Why Are My Teeth Discolored? 

There are two main kinds of teeth discoloration, namely extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic refers to staining caused by edible products, like food and medicines. In comparison, intrinsic pertains to discoloration due to medical conditions, like stress levels, viral infections, and debilitating illnesses during childhood. 

It’s often easier to whiten teeth with extrinsic discoloration because all you need to do is routine toothbrushing with specially formulated toothpaste. Intrinsic may need professional beaching and other whitening products, but it may not be successful, especially if you have poor oral health. 

What Kind of Teeth Whitening Services Are Available for Me? 

The most popular kind of teeth whitening service is the one administered by your family dentist. They use cosmetic dentistry techniques to get your teeth to a bright white. You can also get whitening products from your local dental clinic that you can use from the comforts of your home. 

Other teeth whitening services include items for local pharmacies and online retailers. But you may want to avoid those since they offer temporary results and may not be safe for your oral health. 

What Factors Should I Consider for My Teeth Whitening Service? 

Refer to the following tips to determine which whitening service is ideal for you: 

Think about your schedule

You may have many daily obligations at work, meaning a dental appointment may not be feasible. You may also have a healthy routine and don’t want to make any changes. These scheduling issues are the things you should be thinking about to ensure your teeth whitening is a success. Consult with your dentist to help you make well-informed decisions. 

Look into the costs, including aftercare

If you want your teeth whitening services to meet your needs, you need to be financially prepared. You also have to note that lifestyle changes are also important, and you may have to buy aftercare products to keep your teeth white. That’s why you should talk to your local dental clinic about the overall costs and compare prices with other whitening service providers. Doing so ensures you can find a budget-friendly service that works for you! 

Read your dental history 

There are certain considerations for teeth whitening that may not be ideal for you. For instance, you may have dental implants, and certain kinds of whitening toothpaste may destroy your teeth’s structure. So it’s imperative that you read your dental history carefully with your family dentist to decide the appropriate course of action.

Quit unhealthy habits 

Eating sugary foods, smoking, and being under constant stress are factors that can affect your teeth, even after you’ve had them whitened. You need to make drastic lifestyle changes now before getting teeth whitening to ensure all the time and money spent are worth it! 


Teeth whitening can be a great way to invest in your smiling confidence. It’s also a great starting point to looking into other dental services, like clear braces and deep cleaning. Now, you have a better understanding of what to expect. So get your teeth checked today! 

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