Which Type of Floss Is Best For You?

Do you floss?  If not, we highly recommend that you do.  There was an infamous report (that caused hygienists throughout the world to collectively cringe) stating that flossing was not as important as advertised.  Nevertheless, what the public did not ascertain from the report is that dentists can quickly recognize if a patient flosses or not.


Before we answer that question, let’s get a better understanding of teeth from the perspective of a dentist.

Cleaning Teeth From A Professional Perspective

Were you aware that your teeth have five surfaces?  What is more, only three of those surfaces can be cleaned with a toothbrush.  Doing the math that leaves you with 2 surfaces that remain dirty when flossing is neglected.  The two remaining surfaces consist of the areas between adjacent teeth where some foods tend to get lodged.

A gentle flossing can loosen and remove food particles that find their way onto these areas.  When these areas are not cleaned thoroughly, biofilm builds up there.  Biofilm, in turn, condenses into plaque.  Plaque solidifies into tartar.  Plaque and tartar leads to gingivitis and a variety of serious dental problems that lead to the loss of bone that is not reversible.


Flossing is still pretty important.  If you do not like flossing, you may want to consider trying several types.  Let’s consider a few.

Types of Floss

Since everybody’s oral fingerprint is different, it only makes since that we would have varying tastes in dental floss.  Fortunately, manufactures provide numerous types of floss.  Some include:

  • Dental Tape. This floss is purposely smooth and flatter than traditional floss.  If you have crowded teeth or have sensitive gums, dental tape may be the best solution for your flossing regimen.
  • Floss Picks. Some patients tell us that they find it difficult to handle floss.  Floss picks have handles which provide better grip.  The only drawback from floss picks is that it is hard to angle it to get all the corners of teeth.
  • Water Flossing. Water flossing is an alternative to using string flossing.  If you have a total aversion to string flossing, water flossing is for you.  However, you should be prepared for the price of a water flossing system.

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