When Wisdom Teeth Removal is the Wisest Choice

Are you aware that your wisdom teeth could be the cause of multiple dental problems? At IvyRose Family Dentistry Dr. Rosa Beck and Dr. Christine Lamun believe in preserving natural teeth.  However, there are scenarios where opting for the surgical removal of wisdom teeth makes sense.  Below are common situations that would require their removal.  If you are having pains, swelling or severely irritated gums around a wisdom tooth issue give us a call for immediate help.  (682) 237-8821

Wisdom Teeth and Oral Health

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt during early adulthood (or later teenage years) and are the third set of molars in your jaw line.  By the time wisdom teeth arrive, there is usually little to no room for these within the jaw.  Hence, it is easy for wisdom teeth to become impacted.  When impaction happens certain problems arise such as:

  • Teeth shifting
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay

Sometimes wisdom teeth erupt into occlusion but remain encapsulated by gum tissue.  This can be difficult to clean and can cause inflammation and/or decay. If an opposing wisdom tooth erupts in this situation, it can cause swelling of the gum tissue as well. This can be very painful and is referred to as pericoronitis.

If a wisdom tooth partially erupts, it may be difficult to clean and often times results in a cavity. If the cavity is too large/deep and the wisdom teeth are difficult to reach, we may recommend removal.

Tooth Extractions

At IvyRose Family Dentistry, we offer a stress-free tooth removal process. Our dentists will provide options for reducing your anxiety that include laughing gas or nitrous, oral sedation and IV sedation. We will discuss which fits your needs before the start of the process. At this time, we will assess your teeth and gums clinically and thru digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. Next, the surgeon will extract the tooth in the most efficient way possible.  Often times, our patients comment on how quick and painless their experience was for the entire process. After the extractions, our team will offer you specific instructions for a speedy recovery.

Do you have specific concerns about your wisdom teeth?  Feel free to contact us for answers.  Call us today at (682) 518-5655 or request an appointment.